About Us

It all started working within a family couture Dry Cleaning Plant.  The business was founded in 1993. In 2017, after 25 years, the business was sold.

In 2000, I launched La Mer Delivery Couture Dry-Cleaning Route that picked up and dropped off high end clothing and linens from Palm Beach Island, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter Island 3 days a week. The dry cleaning route grew to hundreds of customers in the next 18 years. I handled all aspects and managed the delivery route. In 2017 my mother was able to retire at 72, therefor putting me in a position to go for my ultimate goal in life, to be an entrepreneur with a start up business in fashion.


In 2014, I opened up an online store, Jewelsunderthesea on ebay, integrating the delivery route clients into high end consignment clients. I started with 1 client in 2014, went to their home, picked up 200 beautiful couture pieces, clothing, shoes & handbags and started to sell them online, using a 10-year-old mannequin, taking pictures outside on my porch, and listing them. In 2017, Jewelsunderthesea had outgrown its small existence.  With a beautiful new website, a new mannequin, a photography studio, things went to a new level. We now have a Facebook Shop, Website, Ebay Store, Youtube Channel and an Instagram business page.                     

In these times, big resale companies outsource all their work i.e.: sales, photography, descriptions and have incoming merchandise from multiple sources, areas, and clients, with items coming in by the hundreds per day.  Authenticity and condition is a huge concern, while purchasing Pre-Owned or resale. How honest is the description, how authentic is the source of the item, are the items well taken care of?

Jewelsunderthesea  is built upon the highest standards and maintained by the owner. Nothing is outsourced, from listing, to photography, to inventory control to shipping. There is anywhere from 5 to 20 years of a vetted relationship with repeat consignment clients.  I personally go to all in home appointments, inspect, pick up, photograph, list, inventory, package and ship.

The eBay store has 3,900+ unique, 100% positive feedback’s and has been a top rated seller for over 10 years. 10K items sold to date.

The most satisfying aspect of the business is using sustainable items, of impeccable condition, knowing exactly where they are sourced from and giving them new and happy homes at a much more affordable price!

Thank You for taking the time to read the Jewelsunderthesea story.